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Miles and points are valued differently. Amex membership rewards points are considered more valuable then say Delta miles (AKA Sky Pesos) because of the flexibility you get from them. You can move them to different airlines and hotel chains so your not stuck in one plan.

As for value, buying the MacBook Pro is bad value at that price, 281k. If it was about 80k it would be close. To put it in perspective Dave and I went to Cape Town in Fist Class for 300k for the both of us. Those tickets, if purchased,  would be about $17k each or $34k total or 0.11 cents a mile/point. The Macbook Pro is only about $3k so you’ll be getting about a 1/10 the value of the tickets going that route.

Also, say you want to go to London in Virgin-Altantic from Washington. You can take 68k each and transfer them to ANA. This will get you the round trip ticket for 30% less then putting your Amex miles into Virgin (90K each) and you only pay taxes ($120), no fuel surcharge which can be $500 extra each for the “free” ticket. 


Well it had to happen

Seems that Air Canada’s Aeroplan has devalued their miles. It was a good ride there for a long time. 1st class to Northern Asia was only 120k miles and they have some of the most generous routing of any airlines. You can have two stopeovers or one stopover and an open jaw. United and Continental only let you have one open jaw and American doesn’t offer stopovers al all.

A few examples of Aeroplan’s inceases are here.

  •  First class to Europe goes from 100k to 125k but is still better then the 135k that United/Continental  charge.
  •  Far away Europe goes up to 145k which is more then 10k more then United/Continental. This includes  places like Turkey and Greece.
  •  Frist class to Asia was 120K but now has gone up to 175k!! That’s a huge percentage increase. Makes  you wonder if they’re smoking something illegal, Oh wait, I forget, Pot is legal in Canada.
  •  And don’t even try to use their miles for Australia. Ouch

You can see the new chart here.

They have pretty much busted being used now for most rewards. There are a few exceptions and they’re still partners with American Express Membership Rewards that can make it easier to get that trip you want. 

All in all not a good day for us Mileage trippers.

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