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Hong Kong hotels, ouch that’s expensive!

I don’t normally talk about getting hotel deals on this site. I’m here to help you get the most bang for your buck using miles or points flying premium cabins to fun destinations on free tickets. I figured for this I would make the exception because the hotels are part of the trip to the destination.

A room for the way back was the easy part. I just poked around a little bit to see what was out there. A friend of mine who knows the city recommended where the couple should stay. The first deal I found was actually on the British Airways website. I clicked on the hotels button and did a search for the beginning of the trip and for the end. The search for the end brought up a good hotel for $127 per night, it’s located on Hong Kong island. I looked at other sites including the hotel’s website and the lowest I could find it for was $280 per night. I’m not sure what was going on at the British Airways website but I got that night for my clients without even thinking twice. So now we had one night out of the way.

On the trip out we still needed to put them somewhere. They had some Priority Club points so we looked for something where we could use those. I found a Holiday Inn that was on the mainland and looked ok. The couple were 5,000 points short of what they needed for the room but Priority Club will let you use points and cash so for $40 plus points they could get the room. Not bad considering how expensive hotels are in downtown Hong Kong. We got the room and then the travelers decided that they didn’t want it so we canceled the reservation and a funny thing happened. When you pay with cash and points the priority club doesn’t give you a refund of your cash, they just give you the points that you purchased. So now the couple had more points for us to work with.  Priority Club covers Holiday Inn, Intercontinental and other some other hotel brands so we took a look at those options too.  Now with cash and points they’re going to be at the Intercontinental – a $650-a-night hotel – for only about $150 plus points.

And that, folks, is how you do it.   Haven’t got the time to do all this yourself when you make an award reservation?  Give us a call!

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