Using your accumulated award points or miles, we’ll try to get you to and from your international destination within the date range that you specify.  We’ll be looking to make award reservations for premium cabin service in first class or business class.

At the start of the process we’ll ask some questions to ensure we know how much flexibility you have when booking your award travel.  In addition to itinerary and dates we’ll want to establish:

  • Whether there is flexibility in either your outbound or return dates or both for award travel.  
  • Which classes of service you prefer and which you will accept – whether for example you would accept a lower class of service on one flight segment if necessary. 
  • Whether or not it’s essential for all people on the itinerary to travel on the same dates and flights – on some routes the airline makes only one first class ticket available. 
  • The maximum that you would pay for taxes, fees and/or fuel surcharges on an award ticket.  These fees can run to many hundreds of dollars on some routes, especially those with a London stopover or connection.  Unfortunately, free flights are not always free! 
  • If we can’t find frequent flyer tickets that meet your criteria we’ll let you know what might be available as alternatives.  Seat availability can change very fast so it’s best if we can contact you by phone or text message to ask you about alternatives.   To have the best chance of securing seats, we would need to receive your decision as quickly as possible – typically within a few hours.  

Things to remember

  • Depending on your status with the airline frequent flyer program, you may have to pay a fee to change your tickets or to get your points back if you decide not to travel. 
  • We can’t guarantee to find flights on the dates or classes of service that you want – everything depends on the seats that are made available by the airlines. 
  • It’s also not recommended to use this service to find domestic US flights or for economy class tickets for international flights.